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Howdy folk, this page is dedicated to my amazing creative team that help by creating pages and other projects as well as promoting my goodies using any of my geekgirl designs. I am thrilled to have them as part of my crew. Please meet my geekgirl designs crew!


I have always loved paper and pens, I have always been a collector of ephemera and I have always kept some sort of diary or journal. My mother will tell you all about how I adored buying back to school supplies and had to have a new notebook every time we went to the shops. I also had a love of lettering and calligraphy. So I think I have always been a scrapper of some description. Actually, I thought I invented it when I started my first son's baby book!

BUT my very first memory of consciously thinking about putting photos into albums along with ephemera was prompted by my oldest sister. When she toured through Europe back in the late 1980's she brought home postcards and tickets and stickers and placed them in her photo albums along with the photos she took. I was hooked... THAT was my light bulb moment. I knew I wanted to make books like that. It started with my high school diaries... decorated with coloured pens... embellished with a lolly wrapper... a note from a friend stuck inside... that is until the nuns banned us from "defacing" our "school books"! I also used to spend hours covering files and folders with decoupage made from pictures cut out of fashion magazines.

I was introduced to a more formal "scrap booking" style through Creative Memories about 15 years ago. I bought a few albums and a bit of stuff but it didn't really suit what I wanted to do. Then I found scrap magazines and online forums, where I was known as Binxcat1, and I was in my element. I started scrapping as I know it now about 10 years ago.

I'm a relative new comer to digi scrapping. I discovered digital scrapbooking and Photoshop about 5 years ago... and now I just love it. Especially for those really special photos and important events. I also use the Project Life app for my weekly pages to capture all the little, ordinary everyday moments.

I still love paper and embellishments and I would call myself a hybrid scrapbooker now days. 

IG binxcat1




Having been addicted to digital scrapbooking for almost 15 years. I openly admit that what once started as simply as a hobby has turned into quite an obsession and I'm a bit of a self-confessed computer geek, too, so memory-keeping via computer is a perfect fit.

Originally, I discovered digital scrapping totally by accident, stumbling across a digital section of an online store while looking for paper supplies and haven't gone back to paper scrapping with the exception for the occasional artist trading card.

I love recording a good story, be it a happy memory or even a not-so-happy one and believe in keeping memories of the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. My sense of humor is often reflected in my pages, and my style morphs from modern and graphic, to highly clustered, to minimalist, to … well, just about anything. My son and dog tend to be the most scrapped subjects; vacations overseas also feature pretty highly (Oh and I'm from Australia – pretty cool, huh?). 

When I'm not scrapping, I loves to do other crafty projects, like knitting and needlepoint. And I'll also, on occasion, get out the pencils and charcoal for a little drawing.



My husband and our 2 cats live in a small town North of the Black Forest. I’m a geriatric nurse in an outpatient service and drive every day to my patient’s homes, to help look after them there, so they can stay longer in their familiar environment. I love my job, even when I’m confronted daily with sickness and death. 

For 10 years (2002-2012) I lived and worked in Spain, in Andalusia. I started this adventure after a stroke of fate, from one day to the other and without speaking a word of Spanish. 

There I met my current husband, a Spaniard, who had lived 38 years before that in Germany. What a coincidence! He has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Some of my hobbies include digital scrapbooking, painting with Photoshop like Bob Ross and photography.

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