Tuesday, May 30, 2017

new designs and 50% off sale...

hi all, a little quiet of late these past couple of weeks as i started my new job and have been away from my home town for the most part since then and am still away for a couple more weeks yet.

everything is slowly coming together although am somewhat nervous for when i'm out on the road on my own. i've got this christine!

so new freebies and designs have been somewhat limited and once my training is finished and i'm home for the most part, then i can settle down and get creative in any spare time i have...lol

oh and i have some really exciting news i can't share just yet but hanging out too. so when i can i shall!

okay on the design scene, these paper packs which i absolutely adore are now available in my stores for half price over at Berry Applicious and Wilma4Ever however they are still in the processing part over at MyMemories!

yes yes yes...i am having a 50% off sale in all my online stores. Why? well truth be told, i turned 50 years of age yesterday (29 May) and it just seemed the right thing to do to celebrate. so everything in all 3 stores is 50% off and that includes all my commercial use products as well.

grab yourself a bargain and head on over and grab yourself those goodies you've all been after for some time!

enjoy and until next blog post where i hope to share my great news...ciao!

Monday, May 15, 2017

design consultant...

today i started my new job as Design Consultant for Blockout Blinds. this is going to be a very exciting journey, one full of challenges and all in a good way.

so i survived my first day...not that it was hard by any means as it gives out such a positive vibe and everyone on board has a great positive attitude towards their job and towards Blockout Blinds.

i believe the more we can learn and the more we immerse ourselves in our jobs, family life and hobbies, the more we absorb and the more we can be and do.

you need that great work/life balance to achieve greater things in life and if you're not happy...do something about it!

life is where you allow it to take you and if you don't like jumping out of your comfort zone every now and then, how can you take the risks needed to succeed?!

many years ago i learnt what going the extra mile was all about in my early teens i started using this approach quite naturally as it seems to be part of my genetic makeup and have lived by it every single day of my since. being a people person, gravitating to those less fortunate, supporting those that need it...whether they put there hand up or hand out, always wanting to give back to my community whether it's online or on the street.

life for me is important, it happens quickly and it faces challenges often. life is short and it does not discriminate but in one life time you can achieve a lot and so much more.

so on to my next topic...designing!

first up if you didn't get geekgirl designs latest newsletter then you.are.missing.out
there are always freebies attached to my newsletters. sooooo if you haven't signed up then you should.

link here

and for those that have, i hope you've enjoyed the freebies

next on the blog list is my latest Commercial Use products and Paper Weights and Pistachio Pink. just click each image and it will redirect you to it's place in MyMemories Store

oh and you're not seeing things...to make my life a little easier as i sell in several shops, placement of logo and name is now on the bottom of each preview

well that's about it ladies and gents so subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy. BTW when subscribing you'll receive an email with a freebie link just for subscribing. have fun!

Friday, May 05, 2017

subscriber freebie...

hey guys and gals, if you're new here, hello and welcome, if you're a loyal subscriber, i hope all is well.

i have some great deals for you at the moment. firstly if you subscribe to my newsletter you receive the Bloomsdale Kit as a free gift from me to you.

links: blog link and newsletter link 

as iNSD is happening all over the world this weekend, i have a 50% off all my designs, CU products as well in all 3 of my stores, so please head on over to any of the stores and support your fellow designer, something i am always eternally grateful and thankful for...

Stores: MyMemories,   Berry Applicious,  Wilma4Ever

and i have a few new products which includes a selection of CU items in store. 

and i have a new CU line happening, although not in store just at the moment but here's a little tease of what's to come.

okay, well that's it from me but before i say goodnight, happy iNSD wherever you live and however you celebrate :)

geekgirl designs ♥

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

newsletter freebie...

hey all, i'll be sending out my first newsletter at the end of the week with a freebie. so please sign up if you would like to receive it. and honestly why not...freebies are always good right?!

and what else have i been up to in my corner of the world you ask?

designing, going for interviews and keeping flat out busy. life is kinda like that and on most days i tend to wear several hats.

oh and i finished another paper pack with some glitter, sparkles and bling and that is now in store.

and here is what i am working on. papers are done, elements are getting there and so thus becomest a kit!

Gainsboro Blue is coming soon to a store near you.

and then just some cute cover play with the above image.

so that's it folks....newsletter...go on...pop over and sign up or just click on here

ciao for now :)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

happy easter...

wishing everyone a happy and safe easter no matter where you live, how you celebrate (or don't) i hope everyone enjoys this time spent with loved ones, family and friends.

for me it's a quiet time although i did spend time with my babies and grandbaby on easter saturday night chillin' and enjoying everyone's company.

this past week i'm not gonna lie...it's been tough. tough mentally and tough physically, it seems that anything i eat at the moment simply makes me sick and on top of that i have had 2 major and serious migraines...something i am quite new too but my goodness do they make me sick.

i also think it's just taken it's toll on me emotionally as well BUT the good news is i think i'm on the improve and my head is not all over the place...lol

there are new goodies in store and there is still a 35% off sale over at my Wilma4Ever store and my Berry Applicious store. i have a bit of a series happening with my painted wood page designs. you really don't want to miss having these in your digi stash. they mix and match with each other and every single page is unique...no 2 pages are the same and although you many not be able to see all the design...you will love these. Links to packs are under the individual image.

oh and there's 35% off each making these beauties a $1.95 (US) only....pretty cool hey?! so come on head on over and grab them while they are still as cheap as chips!

and....there's 25% off everything over at MyMemories for April 15th and 16th ONLY (photo books and photo gifts are not included)

so what else is new? another kit or 2 and guys, guys, guys and gals...please sign up to my newsletter (right hand side bar)...your chance to grab some freebies this way!

the next 2 kits are full size kits and simply gorgeous. Smoke Haze and Grunge are now available in all 3 of my stores.

Wilma4Ever 35% OFF
MyMemories 25% OFF

Wilma4Ever 35% OFF

head on over and snag a bargain gals and guys :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

mr and mrs bunny...

my newest kit is now in store.  Mr and Mrs Bunny is a full sized kit with the most gorgeous soft pastel palette with a hint of bold in the printed papers. this kit is also on sale at 2 of my stores for only $4.55

so what do you get for that amazing price?

8 printed papers, 5 basic card stock matching papers, 60+ elements, 9 journal cards, 1 full size alpha complete with lowercase and uppercase and numbers 0-9 with symbols !@#&{}?
links to stores at at the bottom of this post :)

Sunday, April 02, 2017

35% off all geekgirl designs...

it's true, i am having a 35% off my entire store at 2 different digital scrapbooking stores. The sale also includes my CU products as well as all personal use goodies.

There is so much too choose from so why not head on over to Wilma4Ever and Berry Applicious to grab yourself or a friend a great bargain at even greater prices.

and there is plenty of new stock uploaded into both stores as well so head on over and don't miss out.

sale is on for the entire month of April which means you bag the bargains so share the love and spread the word.

keep smiling :)